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Why would anyone choose full time rv living? The reasons are endless – wanderlust, boredom, adventure, challenge, simplifying life - following  are some of my reasons, see if you can identify with any of them.

RV Retirement: My #1 biggest reason was that a full time rv lifestyle seemed the only way I could cut my expenses enough to retire from real estate. I was 65, but a lot of folks retire early to this lifestyle.

If you already own your RV (I didn’t), fulltime RVing can be an extremely economical way to live. You can boondock most of the time, or be a “work camper” in exchange for site fees. If you stay in one place for extended periods of time, you save a lot on gas. You don’t need more than one car; you don’t have to maintain a yard; it’s less expensive to heat and cool an RV than a large home. So… the idea of an rv retirement seemed very attractive and do-able.

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RV Adventure: Who can resist the call of the open road; the yen to feast your eyes on the beautiful places in this country; the desire to watch the sun come up and go down in new places?

I sure can’t. I had a great desire to travel, and it seemed that trading my house for an rv would be the best way to do that, as I wanted to take my cat and my special things with me.

New Friends: RVing is a great opportunity to meet people who share an adventurous spirit.

Challenge: There’s no question, you will face many new challenges when you decide on a full time rv lifestyle. To start with you must learn to drive and maintain your new home on wheels.

Visit Family & Friends: It’s so nice to visit folks and have your own home to return to at the end of the day. My sons and grandchildren are on opposite sides of the continent, so the visits are pretty scarce. But, I can combine a visit with an exploration of that side of the country, which is great.

Mobility: Tired of your messy and noisy neighbors? Bored with the scenery? Your home has wheels! Roll up your awnings, stow your gear, hook up your dinghy, and move! There’s nothing quite like the freedom you'll experience living in an rv.

Simplify Your Life: Deciding on full time rv living forces you to sort through all the “things” you’ve accumulated over the years of living in a regular house. There’s just not space to carry all that with you, so you must sell or give away all but the most important and treasured items.

Having been shocked to discover how much my parents had squirreled away over the decades (they had a barn and a full attic to fill after all), I started getting rid of things quite awhile before the actual move into an RV. Hopefully, my kids will be grateful.

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