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What Cars Can be Flat-Towed?

What are the steps needed to put an automatic front wheel drive Ford Escape into neutral for flat towing? Grace, That's a very good question, and there's

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RVing for Mental Health

Here's a new book by writer & photographer Doug Srock, titled Searching for My Sanity. It's available as a Kindle, which is perfect. I've only read the

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Do you have to register a car you are flat-towing?

Does the vehicle you are flat towing need to have current tags?

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RV Mishaps - Cruise Control Catastrophe!

This wasn't anything that I had screwed up (goodness knows I had my share of those instances) but could have ended up being a life-changing event. It happened

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Exploring Arizona

Spend a little time exploring Arizona – there are some great places to visit. Near the end of April I drove up to Prescott Valley to see a friend from RVing days, arriving in the

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Am I Ready for RV Retirement

I am 67 year old teacher and ready to retire. My retirement is $2200 per month. if I sell my condo and turn my IRA into cash I'll have enough $ to buy

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Doing some RV travel in Mexico can be a highlight in your life. It’s a beautiful country, with palmed lined beaches, colonial cities, ancient Mayan and Aztec pre-Hispanic treasures as well

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During the summer of 2009, we did some RV travel in Canada, crossing the US/Canada border at Port Huron, MI, on our way to Niagara and a first visit to the Falls – it’s a busy crossing and

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