Am I Ready for RV Retirement

by Kory

I am 67 year old teacher and ready to retire. My retirement is $2200 per month. if I sell my condo and turn my IRA into cash I'll have enough $ to buy a $100,000 RV. Most likely used one. I live with my wife and we are ready or think we are ready. Is $2200/per month will take us through.

Kory, Thanks for your message - that's a very good question. My first thought is that it doesn't seem to be a such good idea to cash in your IRA. If $2200 isn't enough sometimes, where's your backup? My second thought is that you're the only one who can decide if $2200/month is enough - it all will depend on your lifestyle. It's certainly doable,I think, but it won't always be easy and you may not be able to live the way you want. You'll need to do a lot of thinking, planning... and maybe talk to your accountant. Hope that helps. Susan

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Jun 14, 2015
RV costs on road
by: E Nightingale

Wife and I and two cats recently took a three-week trip from Fort Myers, FL, to Northern Alabama. We stayed at State parks when we could. Alabama has wonderful parks and inexpensive. My wife is very cost aware. We used Passport America for all the campgrounds that accept it. Our average cost per week was $750 for the trip--mostly fuel, 6 MPG. This compares to other trips we have taken with our timeshare travel, but you just can't compare with having your own place and stuff and no airline (cattle car) flights.

Jun 13, 2015
RV Retirement
by: Susan

Great points, Ed. Thank you for your input!

Apr 11, 2015
RV retirement
by: Ed R. Nightingale

Re" RV Retirement

There are many used RV's out there at half the price your mention (100,000.00) and less.

I'm 80 now with a wife of 20 years that is now 64.
I still do some microscope sales and service that gives me free time also. My wife has her own business and is toying with the idea of semi-retirement.
Five years ago we bought a 2000 gas Newmar Mountain Aire (37") with 48 thousand miles on it. We paid $32,000 five years ago at a local consignment Dealer.
We have added $6000 or so additional things not necessary, but we all add stuff to our toys!
We have had very little maintenance, just what you might expect Biggest addition is a Banks Power system - adds power to a gas engine, was well worth it in hilly country. We are considering selling it now ( wife wants to drive smaller one ) I don't, because me driving the 37' is a piece of cake, I love it.
But you get the idea.
Keep your initial cost down, and you will be able to keep it running and pay for your trips.
If you find one you like, it is a must to have your local mechanic go over it in detail, pay him well to do it. The scary thing is if a major component like a transmission, engine and even a set of tires is very costly. Check date on tires, not more than 3 years old. This should help. It's a great life.
PS where will you store it if it is 20 feet or more, and higher than your garage..

Great points, Ed. Thanks for your input.

Jun 15, 2014
Are you ready?
by: Francoise and Gary

One thing you and your wife could do is volunteer in one of the National Parks or lighthouses. My husband and I have done that for several years and enjoyed the work. You meet a lot of neat people (that is how we met Susan). You get a free r.v. site for some hours of work. On your days off you both could enjoy the area, see the parks etc. Also, we have worked at Amazon in peak time and made good money there. You work 40 hours a week (4 10hour days) and the other days you can see the sites in that area. Also, if you buy a cheaper motor home you wouldn't need to dip into your savings so much. I actually know 2 people who are ready to sell their motorhome. They are both in good shape and wouldn't cost as much as when you go through a dealer.
Anyway, we hope this helps and good luck!!!

Jun 14, 2014
$100,000 RV
by: Anonymous

Good advice, Susan. It will take a lot of gas and upkeep on such of an RV. I wouldn't put all of my funds into one. Just be careful and I hope you can enjoy your retirement!!!

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