I have had several bad rv moments in the past several years, and been mightily embarrassed each time; there will probably be more as I continue my journeys…

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Shortly after I bought my RV I attended my first rally – a 5 day long event in western NC. At one point, I drove over to the service area to fill up my propane tank, completely forgetting to close the awnings over the windows. That was certainly a bad moment, and mildly embarrassing, because several people saw me.

Lochsa River, Idaho

The worst of my bad rv moments was when I went to dump my holding tanks early on the last morning. My sewer hose was stretched to the limit as I had not parked close enough to the hookup. When I pulled open the valve on the black water tank, the other end of the hose jumped out of the drain and spewed the contents all over the lawn. Fortunately, it was so early no one saw me using Bijou’s pooper scoop to clean up the mess. At least I hope no one saw!

Another really bad rv moment happened in September ’09. We were planning to spend the night at a Wal-Mart in Newburgh, NY. The online directions were incorrect, so we ended up driving several miles on the wrong road before realizing something was wrong. I was driving (of course!) and towing my car.

We came to a spot where another road came in from the left and I thought there was enough room to make the turn. What a mistake! I ended up jackknifed across the road, blocking traffic in three directions. I wish I’d thought to take a picture, but I was too distressed to think straight!

That would sure have been a good time to have a GPS in my rig.

The Plaza in Ajo, AZ

The Plaza in Ajo, AZ

Remember I said you can’t back up when you’re flat-towing? Well, we couldn’t even unhook the dinghy since it was practically at right angles to the motorhome. Luckily, a fellow (whose lawn I would probably have driven over had he not put up iron stakes along the edge of his yard), came out and helped Robert unlock and remove the entire tow assembly so that I could get Mehitabel out of the way.

Boy was I ever hot, sweaty and rattled. He helped us hook up the car again and gave us good directions to the Wal-Mart – evidently he had been through this scenario a few times before which is why he had put up the stakes.

Note to Self: Don't assume you can trust the directions.

What was Your
Pretty Bad RV Moment?

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