How to Get the Best Deal on an RV Rental Near You

“How am I going to get the best deal on an RV rental?” Whether you are a seasoned RV traveler or are just looking to take a one-off RV road-trip that is the first question you'll have. Depending on how you plan your trip, RVing can go from being the cheapest travel option out there to one of the most expensive.

During your trip there are certain things that you can never be 100% certain about, such as gas prices and weather, but there are other elements that you can lock in from the start, like the price you pay for your rental.

If you are a first timer, looking for the perfect RV to fit your needs, and the best deal, can be a little daunting, especially when a Google search renders a ton of options with little more information than a phone number and a few pictures.

This is where an RV rental marketplace like really comes in handy – you can review different options, communicate with owners, and find more than one selection that will fit your criteria, all in one place.

If your main goal is to find the best deal on an RV rental near you then here are some great ways to save money:

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Rent Directly From The Owner

This is the best way to cut down on any overage and management fees that RV rental companies add on to regular rental fees. Going straight to the source, rather than having to deal with the middleman, or a salesperson, can really cut down on both cost and hassle.

RVshare is a great resource for this type of rental as it’s the biggest online peer-to-peer RV rental service around. When it comes to renting an RV RVshare is a true marketplace for finding the best deal for your needs. Renting directly from the owner means you can find out all of the RVs quirks, get an RV with good gas mileage and even nab a few tips for the journey.

Shop Around!

In order to get the best deal on an RV rental, make sure you give yourself the time to really shop around and compare RVs. There will be many options right at your fingertips and you don’t want to rush your decision without comparing at least 5 different choices.

You never just randomly select a flight when traveling, you do your research to find the most direct flights at the cheapest price. This should be the same for an RV – even more so seeing as you will be spending a lot more time in the RV than you would on a flight!

Jot down a list of important aspects for you (size, length of time needed, RV accessibility, RV features, gas mileage etc), and base your research on what you need for your entire trip. For example, if you're looking for the best deal, choosing a Type A Motorhome when you really only need a Type B Motorhome may cause unnecessary expense. 

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Negotiate Prices

If you do your research and compare different rentals, RV sizes and travel areas you could find yourself in a good spot to negotiate with the owner, especially if you are planning your vacation during an unpopular time of the year. gives you the option to communicate directly with the owner, again cutting down on the middleman and streamlining communication. Communicating directly with the owner may mean getting the best deal on an RV rental.

RV Relocation

If you are not interested in doing a round trip or are fine with flying one way and RVing the other, then you can look into doing an RV relocation. You get to use an RV for the fraction of the cost as you are doing the owner a favor.

This option requires you to factor in additional costs for your outbound or return trips, but the relocation discount offered on the RV may be so great that the flight cost doesn’t even matter. The only downside to this option is that you can’t really book your trip very much in advance as these relocation deals only usually come up a few weeks before they need to go, and they usually come with specific routes and time limits.

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More on How to Get the Best Deal on an RV Rental

Avoid Peak Season

This may sound like a no-brainer but most people look to travel during the summer, especially if they have kids in school, which drives prices up. You can save up to 35% if you rent an RV before June 1st or after Labor Day. This can actually mean that you can get the best deal on an RV rental if you nab it on May 31st rather than June 1st!

Plan In Advance

If at all possible, start doing your research months in advance. Prices tend to go up the closer you get to a date, especially if you are renting during peak seasons. You can usually lock in a good price for an RV rental if you get in there as early as possible. Advance planning also gives you time to compare options and negotiate pricing.

Last Minute Deals

While it is always best to plan well in advance to ensure that you can actually get the RV you want, sometimes the best deal happens just days before you plan to leave. This tip is really only for those who aren’t worried about missing out and who have a flexible schedule, because the demand for RVs is usually bigger than the supply. Plans can fall apart or deals fall through, and you may be able to jump in and save the owner a loss and yourself some money. This tip usually only tends to work when you rent directly from the owner.

Once you have found your RV you can continue to use your cost-saving savvy along your journey. Plan your trip out in detail to include as many free camping sites and RV parking spots as you can, or research camping membership passes if you prefer to stick to full-service camping sites.

Before you choose your RV, research those with energy saving appliances (solar roof panels and LED lighting for example), and stock up on non-perishable food. Bring as many supplies and necessities as you can, such as kitchenware, bedding and toiletries, so that you don’t have to purchase them on the road, and use a GPS so that you don’t get lost and spend unnecessary money on extra gas.

RVing can be a super cost-effective way to travel, giving you the freedom to go where you want and when you want. The RVshare website can help you navigate through hundreds of different rental options near you, puts you in direct contact with the owner and provides payment protection and roadside assistance for all transactions and trips.

There is no need to pay through the roof to enjoy the pleasures of RVing, especially when you have access to a resource that takes away a lot of the extra costs and unnecessary back and forth.

To find the perfect RV rental for your next RV trip check out the website.

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