Do you dream of a clutter free rv? RV living can be a wonderful adventure, but beware! It can also become a storage nightmare. It’s important to clear stuff out and organize your limited space for best use; no matter how big a motor home you have, it is bound to be a lot smaller than your original home.

If you love reading, having a Kindle or some kind of e-reader is a big help. Books take up quite a lot of space as well as adding weight. I eventually got my Kindle at Amazon and am so glad I did.

Here are some things we did to Mehitabel to add some valuable storage space:

We added 3-4 cubic feet of storage space which may not seem like such a big deal, but when you’re living in about 280 sq. ft., it’s really exciting to find a way to add a few more.

New Cabinet Door
Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Here’s how we accomplished adding this amazing space: we removed the overhead TV that came with the rig – this is the pre-HD television and I used to get a stiff neck watching it up over my head so bought a new TV that sits on the dashboard. I kept eyeing that overhead TV and wondering how I might use the space to help achieve my goal of a clutter free rv.

Removing it was not an easy job, but Robert was still around then and got it out at last. We measured the resulting space, went to Lowe’s and bought some plywood cut for the bottom and back, put them in place, added a shelf half way up, and had a cabinet door made at a local woodworking shop. Voila! Take a look at the end result....

Former TV Cabinet Makes Extra Storage Space

While on this improvement kick, we installed a piece of pegboard in the shallow tool cupboard, and the indoor tools and odds & ends are now much more organized – also, they don’t come spilling out every time I open the cupboard.

I also ordered two drawers from Camping World and we installed them under the dinette table, creating a wonderful out-of-sight storage place for all the little things that used to clutter up the top. Neat!

Under Table Drawers for Extra Storage

Maximize the Space & Create
a Clutter Free RV

Here are some more ideas for creating a well-organized, efficient, living space:

• Get rid of anything you haven’t used in over a year. Take it to Goodwill, sell it on Craigslist, or put it in storage while you think about it.

• Many items are available in a collapsible version, and will fold flat when not in use: laundry baskets, wastebaskets, storage totes, storage crates, etc.

• Put cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink in a small carton (a six-pack carrier will work well) to keep them neat while traveling.

• Use non-slip matting on shelves and between dishes to keep them from shifting while traveling.

• An insulated cooler is a good example of a multi-use item – it’s a storage container that can be used inside and out, and it can also double as a table (or a seat for someone who isn't too heavy).

• Hanging storage bags are a good way to organize the maps, travel guides or important papers in your space. Some are designed for holding shoes and can be tacked alongside the base of the bed. Your vision of a clutter free rv is getting closer!

• Removable adhesive hooks can hold potholders and kitchen utensils. Over-door hooks are good for hanging robes, towels, etc.

You’ll soon find, as I have, that getting rid of things is wonderfully  liberating and it will certainly make your rv life more enjoyable!

Here's a good idea from Jenny for those shower stalls most of us seldom use:

Hello there! I have a 22 ft Toyota Sunland Express that I want to full-time in eventually. It is pretty tight quarters but has lots of storage for one person and a dog if I really only have necessities, and am very organized. I don't have a clothes closet and want to hang some clothes. 

I probably will never be using the very small shower space in my RV, so am thinking of hanging a bar there and also having those hanging storage shelves for my "dresser". I am always looking for good ideas to use and you've giving me plenty! Thanks!

If you've discovered other ways to create extra storage, or otherwise deal with clutter, please leave a comment below. We'll appreciate it!

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