Driving an RV in the City

Yes, all these sites about driving RV's expain how to go far forward then swing wide when making a right hand turn in the city. However, what if there are lots of cars in the right lane next to you so you can't swing wide? If traffic is real heavy you can't just stay there and wait for them all to move it may not happen. Even if you drive miles down the road to turn somewhere else the traffic will still be there in your way?

Thanks for your question. I don't understand why there are cars in the right lane next to you if you're about to make a right-hand turn - why aren't you in that right-hand lane?

City driving in heavy traffic can be hair-raising. I avoid it whenever possible. If it can't be avoided, then plan ahead. If you anticipate that you're going to need to make a right turn, get in the right lane well ahead of time so you won't have that problem.

It may be that you mean cars in the lane to the left as you're swinging wide. If that's the case, remember you're a lot bigger than they are - if they see you need more room, they generally will try to give it to you.

Hope that helps.

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