Easy solution to towing a vehicle

by David Thiede
(Linn Grove, Mo)

If mileage is affected more by pulling a trailer I would assume it would be because of tandem axle drag. Why not put a small vehicle on a single axle trailer? There is no greater safety risk. There is no more drag. It is obviously harmless to the vehicle. The cost of a trailer is no greater then a car dolly. You can back up a trailer. It can be used for other then hauling a vehicle.

It of course makes sense only when hauling a small car but I would think any vehicle under 4,000 GVW hauled on trailer with a 5,000 lb or greater axle capacity would be the answer.

Torsion axles allow for very low ground clearance for easy load/unload. Am I wrong? Or what am I missing here?

4 wheels down
by: David

Hello Susan
It's true ,normally you see tandem axle car trailers which does mean 4 tires on the ground. My suggestion was a single axle trailer . To pull a trailer correctly includes the following criteria.
An axle and suspension that are built to handle the load. Balance ,meaning the correct tongue weight and the proper length tongue for ease in backing. The longer the tongue the easier the backing and reduced risk of jack knifing. The auto i suggested was for example a Ford Fiesta or something in that weight class or less. Arguments will include 4 tires on the road are safer then 2. I suppose there is an element of truth in that. I suppose if there was a way to put two more tires on the front of a car it would also be safer.This suggestion and my opinion were directed more for those that had rear wheel drive cars or had other concerns about their tow vehicle. Thank you for commenting and happy trails !

Jan 10, 2012
Not Much of an Answer
by: Susan

Well, I’m going to display my ignorance here. All the trailers I see when searching this subject have two sets of wheels which I always assumed meant two axles. No? My friend who trailered his Highlander felt he got better mileage – something about airflow – but I’m suspicious of that, as the trailer itself adds so much extra weight.

The only item I find with just one set of wheels (single-axle?) is a tow dolly which keeps just the front two wheels of the dinghy off the road.
It just seemed easier for me to tow with all four wheels down, using a tow-bar. Of course I discovered long ago that I was useless trying to back up with a trailer in tow so I don’t mind at all that I’m unable to back up towing my dinghy.

Sorry I’m not able to give you a better answer – you may very well be right.

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