Estimates prior to servicing a RV

by Daniel

I would like to know what are the requirements for estimates prior to a dealership servicing a rv unit. Is each State different, is each dealership different? are there any laws or disclaimers prior to a dealership giving a estimate for servicing a unit. I'm a dealer in PA and just can not find anything about estimates and what are the laws.

Thank you for your message - that's a very good question. I'm not aware of any laws or rules about giving an estimate. My own experience with dealers servicing my RV was pretty relaxed. We'd discuss what I wanted done, what they recommended as needed, an estimate of cost and that was it. There was never a written document spelling out work and cost prior to starting - at least not that I can remember. The possible exception might be if the RV owner carries insurance that covers some of the work - in that case, he'd want specifics ahead of time to double-check with the insurance co.

I hope that helps. Maybe you'll get some other responses from folks who know more.


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