Everett Ruess and the Grand Staircase Escalante

by Janice Holly Booth
(Gastonia, NC)

You're in one of my most favorite parts of the world, Susan, and I'm glad you have so much time to really explore it deeply, instead of just on the surface (no pun intended) as so many of us have to when constrained by our meagre vacation days.

For anyone wanting to learn more about Everett Ruess and his disappearance (and the possible discovery of his remains), there is an excellent article in the now-defunct National Geographic Adventure magazine http://adventure.nationalgeographic.com/2009/04/everett-ruess/david-roberts-text

Thanks for keeping us posted Susan!

Janice Holly Booth
National Geographic author of "Only Pack What You Can Carry."

Thanks for the Link!
Thank you Janice, for sending that link. I just finished reading the fascinating story there - I should have done a bit of research when I finished reading the book. However, this is certainly the place for a body to be lost forever so it never occurred to me.

The article reads like a novel by Kathy Reichs, doesn't it?

Thanks for keeping ME up to date!

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