Gas prices affecting local RV campgrounds.

by Desmond
(Los Alamos)

I understand and agree with the many articles re. gas prices should not keep you from motorhome use. But it was painfully obvious where I live in the Santa Fe National Forest that the economy and gas prices have caused a decrease in motorhome camping here. The beautiful National Forest campgrounds that were full a couple of years ago are now almost completely unused by motorhomes with the exception of one that has full hookups. It only has 6 of these sites, the other 20 or so do not.

On several rides to the Jemez Falls campground this summer there was not a single motorhome in this 50 site campground which usually is 1/3 motorhomes. It may be because they are not on a typical travel route so no one stays for one or two nights unless they are tent camping. But the decline is so obvious that it makes me doubt many of the optimistic articles I have read.

Thanks for your comment, Desmond. I really hate to hear that - let's hope that gas prices will settle down to a more reasonable level in the near future. Susan

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