Hanging Out in Your RV

by Nancy Kramis
(Bellingham, WA)

Susan and Nancy - age 10?

Susan and Nancy - age 10?

What I think is....you're an even more extraordinary woman than I had realized. As we were best friends in primary school you were just like me, I believed. And what fun we had, right?

The trickiest part was wangling two Sunday dinners as our families ate them at different times---yet we stayed skinny. But when, as a young, single mother of two small boys you built a house in the woods outside a village in Massachusetts, you pulled way ahead of me!

Then now---hanging out in your RV and working various tour leader and host jobs in some of America's most beautiful parks....well...I have only admiration and am in awe of you. I am too chicken to do what you do. And yet, look what a beautiful life that courage has provided you.

Your same grit and "I can do this" is leading you through your next difficult period in life. I have every confidence that you will conquer this one too. I'm putting on a hat so I can say: my hat's definitely off to you!! Aunt Anita would be so proud. Much love, Nancy"

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