How Much Weight Can The RV Tow?

by Mo
(Port Orchard, WA)

Red Canyon, UT, April 2016

Red Canyon, UT, April 2016

Hi Susan, I'm wondering if you or any of your readers have experience with increasing the weight of your Toad. My husband and I have been towing a trailer with our motorcycles in it (approx. 2000 lbs.) and are planning to switch to towing a car. He is wary about going over 2500 lbs, but the smallest car that I would want to drive (when not a Toad) is the Toyota Corolla at 2800 lbs. We have a 25' Majestic on a Ford E350 V8 engine. I honestly don't notice the difference driving the RV whether our current trailer attached or not. So I'm not sure how an additional 500 or 800 lbs. is going to impact the driving experience or the MPG. Anyone have experience or know where to get this info? Thanks, Mo

Hi Mo, Good question. Does the manual for your Majestic give any guidelines? Or is the weight of the Toad just part of the total weight recommended? I can't give an answer and am hoping one of our readers will be able to help. Best of luck, Susan

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