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by chris evans
(platte city, mo. usa)

i am 66 have 2 daughters living at home and 1 12 yr old grandson. limited income, i would love to move south, i am in missouri. cold. i need info - i would love to travel up and down the gulf coast. what can i expect in rental space fees?? how much is a 3 bedroom rv??

Thank you for your plea for help. Unfortunately I am unable to provide answers. To find out what a 3-bedroom RV would cost, you'll have to talk with RV dealers. There are units with bunkbeds and the couch or dinette table is often able to convert to a bed. It may be that a 5th wheel would work better for you, especially if you already own a truck capable of pulling one. I'd start looking at ads, check Craigslist for used ones, etc. Site rental in RV parks will vary depending on season, etc. so you'll need to figure out where you want to go, then Google "RV parks" in those towns and look at their rates.

Hope that helps!

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Apr 02, 2016
Doesn't sound feasible
by: Anonymous

Hopefully the daughters are contributing financially, as they should! But this doesn't sound feasible for family of 3 adults and one child. With food, gas, overnight and (school?) tolls, the cost per day would be over $200. that's a lot of expense! Up to $6000 a month! Don't forget auto and RV insurance, tires, maintenance, too.Sure you can stay at Walmart for free but what kind of life is that for a 12 year old?I don't now, it just doesn't sound good.Just MHO, not judging here.

Mar 26, 2016
used camper sales
by: Judy Pittman

I know of a used camper sales company in Dardanelle, Arkansas. We bought a camper from him and got a very good price. This is their online site which shows their inventory. Best wishes with your goals!

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