Medical care while Full-time RVing

Just bought an Rv and will fulltime. I'm disabled/husband retired and thank goodness on medicare/humana but what to do about a primary dr (needed for prescip/referrals/illness) when you're travelling all over?
This is all exciting but scary cause of the unknown. Thanks.

That's a really good question and there is likely no simple answer since everyone's insurance is different. I suggest talking with your current doctor to see what they might recommend. Next step would be to talk with your insurance company to see what they suggest. Try to get prescriptions for several months at a time. If you need a doctor in a given area, call your present doctor and ask them to refer you to someone. Same with dentists. Those are things I did and they worked. Hope that helps. Don't worry about it. For every problem there is a solution. Best of luck, Susan

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Oct 19, 2017
Medical Care on the road
by: Anonymous

Go to They have a travel program that gives you a network of doctors across the nation that can act as your primary care physician.

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