May 2008

The sale of my house in NC over with, we were ready for our Minnesota rv adventures to begin.

For the most part, our journey from Raleigh to Minnesota was uneventful, though we had heavy winds and rain on the second day as we drove through the mountains of northern TN and KY. We camped out twice in Wal-Mart parking lots and once in a beautiful rest area in Indiana. The last night we treated ourselves to an RV camp in Wisconsin and had a much-needed shower.

On May 6, we crossed the mighty Mississippi River, following it north for awhile, then turning west to Faribault and Cannon City, MN, where Robert’s son, Skip, has several acres with a lovely green meadow where we parked our rigs.

Camping in the MeadowOur Camping Spot

Settling in for Minnesota RV Adventures

A very long extension cord tethered me to the house, and they ran out a hose to fill my water tank. We looked out on a lake to the west, watching the sun set over it every evening.

The weather was cool, very windy, with off-and-on showers, and one day and night of heavy rain. I'm discovering these Minnesota RV adventures can get pretty muddy!

Robert was going through the process of emptying out his apartment in Faribault, so he  experienced a lot of the same conflicting emotions that I went through during the past couple of months.

There were moments we looked at each other and wondered if we were totally nuts to be planning rv adventures – especially as we watched the gas prices creep higher each day. But when we move on, see new places, watch the sun rise and set on a new landscape, we know this is what we want to be doing, at least for now.

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Bijou's Dandelion

Shelly, Robert’s daughter, lives just up the road with her husband, Mike. They have 8 acres on a hill – beautiful views of rolling farmland in every direction. Shelly & Skip inherited a lot that came out of the apartment. When Robert finds something good on sale, he doesn’t get just one – he’s apt to get six of whatever it is – so there was really a lot! There were stacks of brand new T-shirts and sweatshirts, shoes that had never been worn, socks and underwear still in the packages. It’s incredible how much we all have that we don’t need or use.

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Dandelions in MNField of Dandelions in MN

Southern Minnesota is quite lovely. It reminded me of parts of New England, with rolling hills, hardwoods, huge plowed fields. This is an area of wonderful, rich farmland, with topsoil 24” deep. Spring was just starting – daffodils, forsythia, and tulips were in bloom; every day the leaves on the trees were a bit bigger. In nearby Big Woods State Park, the ground was carpeted with trout lilies (southern MN is the only place on earth where they grow) and other delicate white flowers.

Since our arrival, I’ve seen deer (much bigger than NC deer), gophers, pheasant, wild turkeys and great blue herons. I was also been bitten by a tick that must have hitched a ride on me where we camped in Indiana.

Soon we plan to move our rigs to Big Woods for awhile, then, once the weather warms up, head on up to Ely and the Boundary Waters Canoe area.

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Have you had any memorable Minnesota RV Adventures? If so, I hope you will take a moment to share them with us using the Comments form below. Thank you.

Sun Setting Over Crystal Lake, MNSun setting over Crystal Lake - Our first night in Skip's Meadow

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