Preparing for a long RV trip

by Fran
(San Clemente, CA)

I am planning a long trip, about 3000 miles and my rv is 20 years old, very low mileage and I keep everything working or replaced. Should I consider replacing belts or hoses before the trip or is this just worrying too much? Or can you suggest any other areas to check. Thank you, Fran

Fran, My choice would be to take the rv to your service place to have things checked out. I wouldn't be qualified to check things myself other than tires, batteries, and so forth. Have a great trip! Susan

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Mar 09, 2017
by: Anonymous

Pre-trip inspection, I swear by them, & they're worth the $. Peace of mind. And I always have AAA Premium RV Coverage, I'm never alone. Can I get some opinions about Good Sam's? I'm thinking of joining. Thanks

I joined Good Sam's Club when I first started RVing & kept it until I stopped. Had the breakdown/repairs coverage the first year, and was glad I did, but gave it up as it was pretty expensive. It's a good organization, has lots of information, discounts at RV parks, and offers some good programs. AAA, which I carried after stopping the breakdown policy with Good Sam, was extremely helpful when my RV decided to quit on a Thanksgiving weekend.

Sep 28, 2013
Break downs
by: Jerry

I don't know how mechanical you are or if you even have a tool box for working on the engine. I would have as a spare just in case all of the items you mentioned and replace only in event of failure. You keep that old girl running. And have a safe trip.

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