Retiring in 4.5 years

by Mark
(Bedford, Oh)

I am retiring in 4 1/2 years and am planning to purchase an RV in 3-3.5 years. At first we plan to travel the country and then split the year between 3 states (2 north, 1 South). I would prefer a class A, but my wife likes the 5th wheel, and we even saw some pull behinds we like. My question is which would be better for us?


I can't possibly tell you which would be best for you. There are pros & cons for all three. If you're going to full-time, the 5th wheel gives you the most room, but you've got the hassle of hooking it up to your truck to move. And, you have to have a truck instead of a car for that as well as for the trailer. Just spend a lot of time looking at all of them. I chose the Class A for myself. Good luck, Susan

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Jul 24, 2016
Motor Home Trumps Trailering for us
by: Grant

We chose a Class A...for comfort, safety, convenience. You can pull off the road, not leave the vehicle, run your generator, fix a meal, take a nap, watch a movie without ever getting out of you coach if you like. We do not tow a vehicle, rather we simply rent...usually from Enterprise. They bring the car to you and will drive you to your coach when you drop it off. Recently rented for ten days in Tucson, staying at Catalina State Park. Enterprise deal was about $150 total for the period. We did not have the hassle of towing, e.g., you can't back up. We did not have the extra fuel cost of pulling thousands of pounds behind us, nor the wear and tear on our towed vehicle. Trailering involves purchasing another piece of equipment (truck) which you may not need otherwise need for daily use. They are expensive to buy and maintain, plus insurance can be high. MH insurance is typically a bargain. Ours for full coverage on a 36 ft class A is less than $200 annually. Plus...the view of the scenery from high up in a coach is much better than that from a pick up truck!


Thank you so much for this comment. It really spells the advantages out. This is exactly how I plan to do it when I manage to manifest another RV. How did you manage to get insurance for just $200?

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