JANUARY thru’ MARCH 2010

Our rv adventures took a time-out for a few months. This wasn't our plan, but then none of our plans are set in stone these days.

For six weeks after surgery Robert wasn’t allowed to drive. He actually had to ride in the back seat which he didn’t like at all. He figured people in passing cars were all staring and wondering why he was riding in back. I should have worn a uniform and cap so they would think he was someone terribly important.

Once my tour of duty as a chauffeur was over, I got myself out of the apartment a couple of times a week by signing up for a 6-week Spanish class which was  fun, also an 8-week drawing class, and a 6-week watercolor class. There is so much offered in the arts here in Tucson, and I loved it.

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I don’t know how well we would have survived in the RV during all this – it was great to have room to spread out. There were good places to walk around the apartment; Robert did a lot of that and I joined him several times a week.

Arizona JavelinasFamily of Javelinas

One afternoon a big javelina walked right by our patio and trotted on down the sidewalk. Another evening, we heard snorting outside and saw several of them, including a little one, rooting around in the dirt next to the patio. As I was typing this update one afternoon, I looked out the window to see about six of them, with two youngsters, coming across the hill and by our apartment. I ran outside (of course) and took several pictures!

On Feb. 26th, we went to the Tucson Rodeo – it was a beautiful day, lots of fun, and the horses were magnificent.

On Valentine’s Day, we had a wonderful picnic and hike at Saguaro National Park. We'd had rain several times over the past weeks (Tucson was +2 inches for the season), so things were starting to turn green. The ocotillos, dead-looking spiny stalks during dry seasons, were covered in tiny leaves, and many of them were sporting red flowers on top. It was wonderful to see the desert greening up and flowers starting to bloom.

Bronc Riding at Tucson RodeoTucson Rodeo

On March 6, we drove up to Scottsdale to meet my son, Jeff. His 7-year old son Jack had become an unbelievably fanatical baseball fan (though I think Jeff and Laurie have an equal passion for the game). They attend almost all the San Francisco Giant home games, and since Scottsdale is the Giant’s spring training ground, the three of them flew in to see a couple of games here in AZ.

The Giants trounced Arizona’s Diamondbacks 12 to 6 in a very exciting game. Afterwards, we all went to a Sushi place a few blocks away and had an early dinner before Robert & I started back to Tucson. Scottsdale was jammed with baseball fans, all having a very noisy & happy time after the games. AZ is home to the “Cactus League” teams - there are nine stadiums in the greater Phoenix area, another couple here in Tucson.

Robert’s daughter, Shelly, arrived on the 8th of March to visit for several days. It was fun to have her here – we had picnics and hikes, she soaked up a lot of sunshine to get her through the rest of the Minnesota winter, and our resident javelina herd showed up one afternoon much to her delight. Her visit was especially enjoyable as she loves to cook – what a treat it was to turn over the kitchen to her!

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Snow on Mt. LemmonSnowball Fight on Mt. Lemmon

Discovering Tucson During Our RV Adventures Time-Out

On March 16, a gorgeous warm day, Robert and I took a drive up Mt. Lemmon to play in the snow. Happily, snow had not shown up in our rv adventures – Mehitabel is not well insulated.

We drove down to Tubac on my birthday, had a lovely lunch at Shelby’s Bistro and wandered the galleries until our feet gave out. It was in the 80s, but there was a nice breeze. Spring had definitely arrived – tiny little leaves were appearing on the trees, more & more flowers were blooming, and soon the various prickly pear and cholla would blossom. It should be a spectacular spring show due to the rains in the past months.

It had been three months since the surgery. Robert was healing well, being good about not eating the things he used to love, and starting to feel like a real human being again. He had started cardiac rehab a month ago, and went three times/week for an hour's worth of exercise. We had the apartment until the end of April – at that point, we would load up the RVs again and start heading north to resume our rv adventures.

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Warrior Pose at Saguaro NPWarrior Pose at Saguaro National Park

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