On to Mount Desert Island, Maine, for some gorgeous weather and more rv adventures. We explored Acadia National Park, clambering over rocks, enjoying the incredible views, then drove to the summit of Cadillac Mt. Looking down on the Harbor we could see an enormous cruise ship from NY. It looked like something from outer space, totally incongruous with all the smaller motor-and-sail boats around it. We spent a couple of evenings wandering the delightful town of Bar Harbor.

Schooner Margaret Todd, Bar Harbor, METhe Margaret Todd

On our last night we took a sunset cruise on the Margaret Todd, a beautiful four-mast schooner with lovely tanbark sails. It was thrilling to see those great sails hoisted, filling with wind, thrumming as the breeze picked up and we flew across the bay – what a great day!

The next day we pushed on to Portsmouth, NH. I had been using the internet to track down some old friends and discovered that one of them, Lesley Sloane, was visiting her son in Portsmouth, so the next morning we met and went out for breakfast. It was great to see her and catch up – we hadn’t seen each other for 20-odd years. It is such a treat to have the time to find old friends from far away!

On September 4th, we arrived in Nashua, NH, where my son Brian lives. We spent the next nine nights enjoying our rv adventures while parked at a very nice, and quiet, Wal-Mart, just 2-3 miles down the road, and had a wonderful time visiting with Brian, Amy, and their almost-3 year old son James. On Labor Day we got to go tuna fishing with James, Brian and his dad (yes that would be my ex-husband) on John’s elegant boat, 30 miles out in the Gulf of Maine.

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Tuna Fishing in the Gulf of MaineFighting the Mighty Tuna

Around 2:00 Brian hooked a tuna and fought it for a good 90 minutes. What a mighty battle! The fish came to the surface once near the end – it was about 7 feet long, and must have weighed 200 lbs. Eventually, it outsmarted us, diving under the boat and breaking the line on the keel. Three men stood silent, in utter disbelief, for about 40 seconds, and then started trying to figure out what they did wrong. RV adventures don't get any better than this!

We drove up to Concord, NH, one day to meet grand-daughter Heather for lunch, after which we continued on to Strafford, NH, to spend a few hours with another re-discovered old friend Mimi and her husband at their mini-farm in the woods.

I visited with my dad one afternoon, then stopped for dinner with special friend Ellie and her husband that evening.

On the 13th, we moved Mehitabel down to the Minuteman Campground in Littleton, MA, and drove out to Rutland for a visit with the rest of my family: brothers, Steve and Jonathan; sister-in-law Annemarie; and nieces Heather and Jessica. 

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Woodward FamilyFamily Reunion

The following day, we picked up my almost-11 year old grand-daughter, Brianna, after school, hiked in the woods with her at Fruitlands, and brought her back to the camp to have dinner with us before taking her home.

On Sept. 15th, we left Littleton and headed for NC, spending three nights on the road at Wal-Mart’s in NY (where we had a rather embarrassing rv adventure), PA and VA, arriving at last on the 18th, and setting up at a state park campground on Falls Lake, just north of Raleigh.

Robert flew back to MN on the 25th to go bow-hunting for deer, do some fishing, and pick up his rig which had been resting in Skip’s meadow. I stayed put in NC for awhile: doctor, dentist & vet appointments, haircut, oil change for car & RV, seeing friends, etc., etc.

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HorsesHorses and Isabel the Sheep in Zebulon

RV Adventures - A Rest in NC Before Heading West

For the first 10 days after he left, I stayed at the state park on Falls Lake, then moved out to Zebulon, just east of Raleigh, to camp on a small farm owned by my wonderful hairdresser and her husband.

What a fantastic setup for an rv adventure that was. I was plugged into electric, had access to a bathroom with shower, and had a wonderful view of ducks on a pond, two beautiful horses, and a sheep named Isabel.

I looked up from my computer one morning to see the horses galloping across the pasture, heads up and tails lifted high, looking so proud and happy, Isabel doing her best to keep up. Another ghostly, foggy morning there was an enormous flock of Canada Geese in the pasture – they fed quietly for a time, then took to the air with much squawking and wheeled about to come in for a landing again. Dozens of birds, all acting with one mind – how do they do it?

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When I stepped outside I could hear a rooster across the street, cock-a-doodle-doing so energetically it was a wonder he had a voice left. He actually crowed all day long, maybe because the days were frequently cloudy and overcast and he was trying to make the sun come up.

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I got my doctor & dentist appointments out of the way, received a clean bill of health, had work done on Mehitabel (ouch!), visited with several friends again, and spent my last day having a wonderful visit with very special friends Tony & Ellen.

On October 17, I started the long trek on I-40 across half the US, overnighting at a welcome center in TN the first night, then at Wal-Marts in W. Nashville, TN, Lonoke, AR, and Checotah, OK.

On October 21, at the end of a terrible drive with rain and blustery winds, I met Robert at Foss Lake State Park in OK, a lovely park on a reservoir with lots of geese and coots. Bijou and I were both happy to be reunited with Robert. Sadly, he had not been able to do any hunting or fishing while in MN, as the weather was cold and rainy. We sure had our fill of rainy weather during our rv adventures in the last few months.

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Sunset at Santa Rosa State Park, NMSanta Rosa State Park, New Mexico

The next day we arrived in New Mexico, land of almost-eternal sunshine, where we camped at Santa Rosa Lake State Park for the next couple of weeks. The first week was chilly, then things warmed up and the sun shone daily. The park is lovely – typical NM landscape, the hills spotted with pinon pine and juniper.

The lake was a cloudy tan color with blasted, sun-whitened juniper skeletons along the edges – an almost colorless palette, just shades of beige with occasional splotches of small green, ground-hugging plants. On the higher trails, slabs of shale or sandstone looked like petrified beaches. It was easy to believe that all this was at bottom of an ocean at one time.

Robert took his RV to Camping World in Albuquerque and left it there to have work done to repair an unfortunate rv adventure of his own, then drove back to stay with me. 

Santa Rosa is a small town with only one little market, and a lot of boarded up businesses. The old Route 66 went right through the middle of it, but I-40 put an end to the traffic those businesses used to enjoy.

We explored the area, driving down to Fort Sumner to visit Billy the Kid’s gravesite one day, driving an hour to Las Vegas to raid the nearest Wal-Mart another day, and spending a day exploring the desert on a gravel road out of Puerto del Luna. The cottonwoods along the Pecos River were turning golden. It was a beautiful fall and a wonderful time of year for an rv adventure.

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Foggy Morning in Zebulon, NCFoggy Morning on the Zebulon Farm

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