I read a lot of RV books as I started my research. Just about whatever questions or problems crop up in my life, I head for books to find answers or clarification.  Many of the RVing books I was able to get at the library or through inter-library loan. I did buy several books that I have kept to refer to, but they take up space and add weight and I suppose I will eventually have to give some away.

Many RVers love to read just as much as I do. Most RV parks and campgrounds have a library - sometimes quite extensive and sometimes just a shelf or two in the laundry room. You may even find hard copies of some of the RV books mentioned here. RVers can swap out the books they've read and pick up another. Many RVers are great readers, so don't neglect to ask the ones you meet if they have any books to swap.

My Recommendations
for RV Books
to Get You Started

My advice is to get a Kindle or some other E-Reader when you first decide to become an RVer. That way you avoid the weight and space problems with physical copies of rv books. I'm a little slow at jumping on new technology, but finally did get a Kindle and am so glad I did. 

I got the Paperwhite due to budget constraints, which is fine (except for art books!) and have discovered that it is wonderful for any kind of travel. It takes up so little space it will fit in a purse and there are hundreds of books you can download - for free or very little cost. 

E-books or RV-books on CDs are the answer for an RVer and there are many more available today than when I first started my research. Below, I’ve listed several rv e-books that I believe will be useful.

buy a used rv

You’ll save thousands of dollars by buying a used RV. But, how do you know what to look for and, even more important, what to look out for?

Here’s an RV book written by a certified RV repair technician, packed full of expert advice so you’ll know exactly how to do an RV inspection.

Save yourself some money and heartache by learning what you need to know to make a great decision. Click here to download.

RV Freedom Now - 10 Easy Steps to Full-Time RV Freedom

New Ebook Packed With Solid How-to Information, Resources And Real Stories From Other Full-timers. 

rv boondocking

Frugal Shunpikers Guides to RV Boondocking. I have two of these e-Books and they are fantastic - just full of little known and well-known places for boondocking.

And, if you enjoy boondocking, you definitely need a copy of this book, as you still need to empty your holding tanks and fill up with water from time to time: Sanidumps Guides to RV Dumpstations 

Mountain Directory: A Guide For Truckers, RV And Motorhome Drivers  This Valuable Resource Provides The Locations And Descriptions Of Over 700 Mountain Passes And Steep Grades In 22 States. Vital Information For Anyone Driving A Large Or Heavy Vehicle.

rv care and maintenance

RV Education 101 is a source of excellent e-books on just about anything you could think of related to RVing. This particular one is on RV Care & Maintenance which is a great place to start, but there are several others specific to rv batteries; the gas, water and electrical systems; buying an rv; winterizing your rv, etc. Click here to get started on your RV Education.

rv checklists

Most of us RVers, both new and experienced, would get into frequent difficulties if it weren't for checklists. Here's some help from Malia: checklists for pre-delivery inspection, hitching and unhitching, storage procedures, inventory lists and so on. Click here to help prevent those "whoops" moments.

Can you afford to retire to an RV? Is the RV lifestyle for you? This book will answer many of your questions.

Many of us need to find ways to either save on campground costs, make some extra money, or both. When I first decided to become a full time RVer, I got  Support Your RV Lifestyle by the same authors. Unfortunately that book is now out of print though you may find a copy in a campground library, or available used at Amazon.

There are other books and a great deal of information all available at the RV Lifestyle Experts website. Click here to visit Pine Country Publishing.

How about some RV Fiction?? There is a new series of mysteries featuring intrepid full-time RVers. What could be better? I’ve just started reading “Pea Body” which is the first in the series.

rv travel diary

Here's a unique travel diary software program for any vehicle-based traveler. Keep a travel diary or journal, record all your trip expenses, create a photo album for each trip, keep track of the people you meet - you can do all this and more with Nomads Notes.  Click here to download and get started.

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