RV Emergencies
Are You Prepared?

You're ready for the adventure of a lifetime, and you prepared for all eventualities. But, what about unexpected rv emergencies? Did you think of them? For instance, you're away from your rig - taking a day trip in your car or heading out on a hike - you're injured in an accident and taken to the hospital. Are you traveling with pets? If so, who will take care of them?

Best Case: Hopefully, you're conscious, have your cell phone with you, and it's working. Who will you call? If you are staying at an RV park, you should have the phone number of the office, or a friend in the park with you. Is it possible for the park manager or your friend to gain entry to your RV?

If your rig has a key entry, is there a key hidden somewhere they can find it? Many RVs now have a digital entry keypad which makes it somewhat easier.

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Not So Good (i.e., the stuff of nightmares): 

  • You're boondocking in a remote location. Does anyone know where you're parked? Where you were headed when you left today?
  • You're unconscious, or your cellphone was destroyed in the accident.
  • We could go on from there, but as you can see, there are things that can go wrong.

I must admit, I didn't plan for any of this when I was RVing, and my cat would not have done well at all if anything had happened to me. Fortunately, nothing did.

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So, what steps can you take to prepare for an rv emergency such as this? Here are some ideas:

  • If you are on medications or have allergies, make a list of them. Keep one copy in the RV - posted in an obvious place - and one copy in your car or on your person.
  • Keep a copy of your RV insurance policy in the car.
  • Add an emergency contact to the above list - one of your children or a friend.
  • If you're in an RV park, carry the park information with you. I believe some parks are now asking for evidence of insurance when you register.
  • Pick a person - family member or friend - to stay in touch with on a regular basis. Plan for a simple "good morning" call each day, and if they don't hear from you and can't reach you, they know who to call. (Note to Self: This is a good idea even if you aren't RVing, and live alone.)

I read this recently and was delighted to find some good, and workable, ideas.

  • Are you organized enough to have an itinerary? Share it with friends and family, especially fellow RVers, as family members may be too far away to be of much immediate help in an RV emergency.
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It can take a lot of work to be prepared for various rv emergencies such as the above, but it is important. One of the many joys of the RV life is the freedom to do what you want, to stay in remote locations, and not be tied down. There are likely some eventualities for which it is virtually impossible to prepare.

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It would be a good idea to have an emergency beaconYears ago, my mother gave me a British police whistle which I could hang on a chain around my neck. Supposedly it could be heard from a mile away. I still keep it handy when hiking - just in case I meet a mountain lion.

Keep a package or envelope handy with copies of important documents, and personal information, so you can grab it fast if you suddenly have to vacate your RV - in case of a fire or flood for instance.

Here's an extremely helpful list of the 10 things you must have in the event of an rv emergency.

 What Plans do You Have for RV Emergencies?

If you already have plans in place, congratulations! Thinking of things that might go wrong is not a pleasant task, but you can see from the few scenarios I've mentioned, that a little advance planning might be a big help.

Have you dealt with an emergency in your RV travels? It would be great if you'd share your experience below. Let us know how you handled it, and what you learned. If you've got plans in place already, what are they? Any new ideas?

What with the horrendous fires and floods we've heard about, or experienced, in the US this year, this is a subject that definitely needs some brainstorming.

Have an RV Emergency Story?

Have you been through an rv emergency? Please share it with us here!

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