There is no end to a list of rv equipment you might be advised or tempted to buy. You’ll be limited by two things only, but they are pretty major considerations: space and your budget.

Equipment and accessories for your recreational vehicle can be big or small, and could include solar panels, wind generators, portable generators, towing hitches, awnings and pretty awning lights, rv tire covers, custom furniture, and countless other items.

RV Equipment: DustBuster

My favorite accessory was my DustBuster. I mounted it on the wall behind the extra chair, an out-of-the-way place that was also convenient. I liked not having to get the big vacuum out of the basement all the time.

Make sure you have at least two type A fire extinguishers inside the rig, and a BC rated one in an unlocked storage bin. A battery-operated smoke detector is a must, as well as a carbon monoxide detector and an LPG gas detector. All the items just mentioned should be approved for use in motor homes and checked on a regular basis to be sure they are working.

Since counter space is pretty limited in many rigs, get yourself an extra cutting board that can be placed over the sink when needed.

Camp chairs of some kind are just the ticket for sitting around a fire outside with your friends. They're even good for sitting outside alone and watching the sun come up or go down!

This terrific program gave me the courage to retire and become a full-time RVer: Abundance for Life

A ladder is a good idea and I had one which I strapped to the ladder attached to the back of the rig.  Motorhomes are at least 12' high, so if you plan to wash and wax it occasionally (as you should), and wash your windows once in awhile, you will need a sturdy ladder.

A portable electric heater is a good piece of rv equipment to own, and useful if you travel in chilly places. Of course it doesn't do you much good when you are boondocking unless you run the generator, but if you stay at RV parks much of the time and are plugged into shore power it can be helpful. I liked to keep the bedroom area cool, so used the electric heater to stay warm up front in the evening.

RV furnaces typically run off propane, but now there is a hybrid furnace, available from RV Comfort Systems, that lets you switch to electric heat at the flick of a button if you're plugged in at an RV park.

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Campgrounds, Fuel, Parking, Washes

Laptop Desk

Since I was on the computer so much, having some sort of desk other than the dinette table got to be a real priority. I did a lot of searching and finally found one that would fit in front of the front passenger seat.  It wasn't classified as rv equipment and it wobbled a bit so was not perfect, but it was a whole lot better ergonomically.

My RV Equipment
Wish List

The mattress on the queen-size bed in Mehitabel was not very comfortable - that's an understatement, it just about did my back in. This is a pretty typical complaint about the mattresses that come with the RV. I got a 4-inch memory-foam topper at Wal-Mart the first year which helped a lot for awhile, though it was heavier to lift up and access the storage under the bed. However, eventually it mashed down and, if I had kept on RVing, I would have invested in a new mattress. Most of the motorhomes have a short queen-size mattress - about 5" shorter than regular queens, I think, so if you want to upgrade the mattress, make sure you get one that fits. Seems to me a good night's sleep is a requirement your rv equipment should provide.

You can find almost anything you need, or want, for your RV at Camping World. Click on the link below to see what's on sale.

Something I would have loved to have is the dark screening pull-down shades for the windshield and side windows up front. It seemed to me they would be ever so much neater and cleaner than the curtains I had.

I never had a GPS, but there were sure plenty of times I could have used one. 

I had a portable air pump, but it didn't work very well. It may actually have been broken. In any event, that is probably a very good item to carry in case of an emergency.

Are there other things I would have liked? You bet! Space-wise Mehitabel worked quite well for Bijou and me, so it was mainly a question of organizing the space I had to make it more efficient/usable. 

Under-table drawersCatch-all Drawers

I installed drawers under the dinette table which were able to hold a lot of the little things that used to clutter up the surface. I also took out the overhead TV (which will give you a stiff neck) and turned that compartment into additional storage space. A new slim digital TV sat on the dash and was so much more comfortable to watch.

Take some time to wander through a good camping supply and/or rv parts store and you'll find lots of neat things to make your rv experience even greater.

The links below will take you to more information on some pieces of rv equipment I've mentioned:

Towing a Car:  You'll want to have a way to get around when your motorhome is parked. Unless you're comfortable with riding a bike everywhere or renting a car, you'll need a "dinghy."

RV Solar Power:  Look into outfitting your rig with one or more solar panels if you spend much time dry-camping.

RV Tire Covers, RV Covers, Dirt Skirts:  These will give your dinghy, as well as your RV, protection from sun damage and gravel.

RV Emergencies:  The unexpected has a way of happening. Have you made plans to deal with them?

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