RV Experiences

by John C
(Lincoln, Nebraska)

I sent you a note yesterday asking about the cost of an RV, then read your blog and admired your writing, photos, and sense of adventure. You need to consolidate and expand your experiences into a book. Remember you can self-publish and advertise on Web sites.

I hope your health is improving and that the surgery and chemo have done the trick with the cancer. The squamous cell skin cancer is certainly a worry - I've had to deal with several basal cell cancers, though they're much less of a worry.

Hi John,
Thanks very much for the follow-up message and your comments about my blog. I may take your advice - have thought of it many times.

My health is great - with the exception of cancer (!)I've always enjoyed very good health. I don't know much about squamous cell cancers and have probably been avoiding learning. I'll take more precautions in the sun and figure what will be will be.

Thanks again,

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