There is just no getting around it – fulltime, even part-time rv living, especially with a partner, is a real challenge. After Robert sold his Tioga in April 2010, we spent 7 months living only in my 27’ Sightseer. Other couples might have killed each other. We did not go that far, but there was a serious breakdown in communication; Robert decided he didn't want to do as much RVing anymore and I wasn't ready to stop, so we parted.

We did amazingly well the first two years – only a couple of serious meltdowns. Probably the most important qualification is that you and your partner will need to have, or develop, really good communication skills - if you cannot talk things out honestly with each other, you are doomed.

You also need to let each other alone some of the time. If your partner needs time alone - to think, to read, to write, to meditate, to take a walk - you may need to get creative to find ways to respect that need. In an RV, they can't just go to another room and shut the door. Learning to be clear on what you need may be a new skill that needs to be developed.

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What are the ways you keep your relationship
healthy in a small space? Share your secrets with us here!

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Problems With Full Time RV Living

Even in the largest motorhomes, which mine certainly is not, space is at a premium. There is no way to avoid hearing the TV or radio if your partner wants to listen to music or watch a show and you do not. Headsets are a wonderful invention and Amazon has a good selection. 

You both have to be sure this is the lifestyle you want – if one of you is not committed to this sort of adventure, it will not work. Both partners must be willing to compromise a lot, so both must ask themselves how flexible they can be. What might be just minor annoyances in a house will surely be aggravated in such tight quarters.

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Leisurely baths or showers become a thing of the past, except when you are in a park with showers available. A lot of showers, especially in state parks, are on timers that give you one minute or less before you need to hit the button again.

Believe it or not, even in your somewhat limited space, it is possible to keep fit - I once spent an enjoyable 30 minutes watching a couple parked next to me having a pretty strenuous workout in their rig.

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Benefits of RV Living

On the other hand, there is so much that is wonderful about fulltime rv living!

• Your home is on wheels, so you have the freedom to go pretty much wherever you want.

• Cleaning it inside is easy and does not take much time.

• There is no yard to mow, or snow to shovel, which means more time to relax and enjoy each other.

• If you take a trip, there is no packing needed – it is all right there with you – including your pets if you have any.

RV Freedom - Learn how from other Full-Timers

• You can visit friends and family without being an annoyance (not that you would be) since you can return to your own home on wheels when you and they have had enough.

I believe occasional separations are good for a relationship. Time apart gives you each a chance to see yourself more clearly than you can when bouncing off of each other in an rv.

Living together in a small space will likely teach you things about yourself and, if the two of you manage to survive, may even result in a new appreciation of your partner.

What are Your Secrets to Maintaining a Healthy Relationship?

Share your secrets with us! Have situations arisen that caused problems, and how have you solved them? How have you adjusted? Has your relationship changed? What do you and your partner do that helps to keep things on an even keel?

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