RV Mishaps - Cruise Control Catastrophe!

by Tom
(Sequim, WA)

This wasn't anything that I had screwed up (goodness knows I had my share of those instances) but could have ended up being a life-changing event. It happened in December 2005 on I-10 in northern Florida. We had just about four months full-timing in with no major catastrophes and nothing but good times. It was late afternoon and we were cruising at 55mph (cruise control set) and getting ready to find a Wal-Mart and call it a day. All of sudden I noticed my motorhome (2005 Itasca Spirit) was rapidly accelerating....60...65..75..80 and still climbing. I didn't say anything to my wife but it was pretty obvious by now. She looked at me and said "why are we going so fast?" I realized, after repeated attempts to disengage the cruise control, that it wouldn't disconnect; I knew I couldn't use the parking brake or downshift, either of which would have been catastrophic to us and the vehicle. I only had one option: turn off the key and pull over. I looked in my mirrors and on either side of the rig, it was clear. I turned the key off and immediately began a controlled, slide glide off the road. It worked! That solved one problem. Now, how to disengage the cruise control and continue the journey and we could get it checked out (rig still under warranty, a good thing). After looking in the manual, I found the appropriate fuse and pulled it (thankful it didn't disconnect anything else) and went on our way. The next day we went to Gator Ford and the mechanic checked the cruise control and told me that the servo control for the cruise had locked up! Then he said to me and my wife "you guys were very lucky." I said "amen to that brother, amen to that."

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Sep 30, 2014
Your Quick Thinking Saved the Day
by: Susan

What a story - thank you so much for sharing it with us! I'm glad that your quick thinking saved you from an unimaginable disaster. Wishing you many years of catastrophe-free RVing!

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