Thank you for a great RV resource!

by Becky

This site has been an amazing resource for me and I know it will continue to be so as I make my escape plans :-)

Thank you for the message, Becky, and good luck with your escape plans! Susan

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Oct 27, 2013
Wow!! Love your travels
by: Becky

My husband found your site and I just spent 3 evenings reading all of your adventures. In 2008 we experienced financial catastrophe. (for us anyway) We lost our business, had to sell our house and file for bankruptcy. It took us until December 2009 to get our heads back on straight and we decided to leave the state and travel the U.S. in an RV. We left, traveled 8,000 miles in 1 year and worked also along the way. We came back to Florida Jan. 2011 because we thought we were too young to "retire" and thought we needed to get "real" jobs. Boy, did we make a mistake. Since we figured out how to again get an RV and get a little money to get back on the road, we are chomping at the bit to get back on the road. We have to pay out the balance of the lease of the house we are living in (March 2014) and then we are off. Reading your travels just took me back to the road and how much we loved it. Sorry to hear you no longer have your RV but happy for you that you were able to live your dream.

Thanks for your comments, Becky, and for sharing your story. Good luck with getting back on the road - just three months to go!

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