The economics of full time RVing

by Ron Jacobson
(Clatskanie Oregon, USA)

I am not convinced of the economics of rving full time. The repairs and replacements of rv's can be costly. Plus the fuel, wear on tires, and lot rents can be a financial burden. Then there is this matter of health care. You need continuous health care which can prevent you from RVing and even forcing you to sell at a loss. These are some of my concerns.

Thank you

Dear Ron, Thank you for your message. Some of the costs you mention, like maintenance & repairs, would be applicable if you live in a house, too. If you are doing a lot of traveling around, obviously the fuel costs would be high. Tires, not so much, as they wear more from sun than mileage. If you stay in one place for longer periods of time, and take advantage of the many free areas available, both lot rents and fuel costs are greatly reduced.

I'm not sure what your situation is with regard to health care. It may be that a fulltime RVing lifestyle is not a good choice for you. It can be a reasonably inexpensive life, but it's certainly not for everyone.

I don't know if that helps you.
Take care, Susan

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Oct 24, 2017
Don't let fear rule your life!
by: steamyb

My wife and I are full-time since 12/16. I bought a '98 Fleetwood Flair and it is a work in progress. I paid too much for it because I didn't know what to look for. Not a problem, I have spent as much fixing things as I paid for it.
We also have been able to save my wife's disability check since we started ($20K). We live on my Social Security and my pension from trucking industry. We pay for repairs to the RV, campground fees, restaurants, insurance, and fuel costs. We travel mostly south east US, but have been to St. Louis, MO over to PA.
It's an adventure, wait too long and your health will keep you from going.
Go now, don't be afraid. See some things, meet some people, and have some fun. I just wish we would have done this sooner! Best travels to you!

Dear Steamyb: Well said!

Jul 17, 2016
RV Enjoyment
by: Anonymous

How will I know if I'll like it enough to invest in this, I'm it safe?

Dear Anonymous,
I did a great deal of my traveling alone. It's safe if you take reasonable precautions and pay attention. Will you enjoy it? I don't know. Do you have an adventurous spirit? I loved it and can't wait to do it again.

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