TOAD engine running?

by Perry
(Greenville, NC, USA)

I have a 2016 Spark TOAD. Manual Transmission. Why couldn't I leave the engine the Spark running when I am towing it behind my RV?I have towed it with the key to accessories and it tows fine that way with the brake system that requires the electric in the TOAD to be turned on for the brake and brake lights to work. After doing it this way the battery lost charge after a few hours of towing. So wouldn't leaving the engine in the TOAD Spark alleviate this battery draining problem?

Perry, I don't know the answer to that, nor do I understand why your battery runs down so quickly. Leaving the engine running all day doesn't sound like a good idea, to me anyway. You really need to talk with the service techs at the dealer to get some answers. Hope you get some help.

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Oct 06, 2017
by: Anonymous

What does that mean?

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