Tow dolly Honda Civic

by Rod

I had called the Honda dealer and they indicated I could not tow a 2008 Honda Civic. My question is if I use a tow dolly, can I tow a Honda Civic with auto transmission
Thank you in advance for your answers

Rod, If you told the Honda dealer you wanted to tow a Civic with auto transmission using a tow dolly, and they said "no," that's probably the answer. However, you might go one step further and talk with the manufacturer - or a really smart service tech. I'm assuming the Civic is front wheel drive - if the front wheels are on the dolly, why would it be a problem? However, I am not all that knowledgeable about how that stuff works. Sorry I can't be more help. Susan

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Sep 23, 2013
by: Judy Pittman

Rod (Colorado) we can't tow our Toyota Prius either so will haul it on a trailer. They make some great car haul trailers and our Prius is so low to the ground that I worry about running over anything would be a PROBLEM since raising the front would lower the back even more...

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