Towing 2015 Corolla with Keyless Ignition - HELP PLEASE!

by Matt
(Easton, PA, USA)

I bought a 2015 manual Corolla to tow and had it configured by my dealer with a Patriot break assist system.

Manual says to put the car in Acc mode. My car has smart key system so not as sure when it is in Acc mode. But told when POWER ON is shown in display system and radio, fan come on, then that is Acc mode.

First concern is in manual it indicates "If the vehicle is left in ACCESSORY mode for more than 20 minutes, the engine switch will automatically turn off." Yikes - so if I tow more than 20 minutes, it will shut off power to Patriot system and potentially lock the steering wheel.

What has your experience been?

I called Toyota who didn't have a clue and said to call a dealer technician, who also didn't have a clue. Not sure where else to go.


Gee, I'm at a loss as the Corolla I towed was several years older and had a regular keyed ignition. IMHO it's ridiculous that Toyota can't give you an answer on that. Possibly the RV technicians can help as I'm sure the question has come up before now that so many cars have keyless ignitions. Good luck finding an answer - perhaps someone who reads this will be able to help. Susan

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Apr 23, 2018
Flat towing 2015 Toyota Corolla
by: Debbie

I had the same issue but as long as you do not open the car door the steering wheel stays unlocked with the power on. What I did for power as the brake buddy loses power after 15 minutes when plugged into lighter outlet, is I bought a NOCO Genius boost GB70, and plugged my brake buddy into it. The lithium battery lasts 7-8 hours on one charge. I recharge it at night for the next days towing. Has worked perfectly for us for three years now and is great for boosting batteries as well.
Hope this helps as I got no solutions from Toyota.

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