Towing a car backwards

by Dean
( San Jose California )

I am proposing to tow backwards a 1996 Lexus 400 on a two wheel dolly behind my 40 foot. Safari Serengeti edition Are there any articles about the danger associated with doing this

Do you have any thoughts about it I'm traveling from California to Indiana


Dean, Thank you for your question. If you read everything on the /towing-a-car.html page, you'll find the following warning:

Tow dolly manufacturers give dire warnings against towing a car with rear wheels on the dolly and the car facing backwards, which you might be tempted to do if your car has rear wheel drive. This is because the dolly is designed to take most of your car’s weight – if you tow it backwards, most of the weight (the engine) is hanging off the back of the dolly and the weight distribution can cause the car being towed to sway violently.

So, I think you would be taking a big risk towing your Lexus like that. Susan

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