by Janice Holly Booth

Hi Susan

Your recent Tucson "mis" adventure with the heat (or lack thereof) and water (or lack thereof) reminded me of a few years ago when the Charlotte, NC area suffered a massive ice storm. Some people were without power for 22 days and the temps never got above 24 degrees F, unusual for this area. Beautiful, old-growth trees actually exploded because the water in their trunks froze so quickly and thoroughly. The area looked like a war zone. What reminded me of this story was your telling about the community of Christmas lights, where MOST of the homes were truly and completely "over the top".

There's a town closeby here called McAdenville. It's known as "Christmastown, USA" and people come from all over the place to see the lights and mail their Christmas cards, just to get the postmark. Anyway, the night the ice storm was predicted, some genius said, "hey, let's leave the lights on." (Typically, they're turned off at 9:00 p.m.) Another genius agreed. That little bit of heat from the lights kept the trees from freezing and the limbs from falling and guess what -- McAdenville was the only place in the entire area that didn't lose power. Sometimes dumb ideas really do pay off!

Keep us posted on all your adventures, and best of luck to kitty. I'm sorry about all the travail. :( But kitty's lucky to have you as a mom! Here's wishing you both a great and amazing 2013.

Hi Janice,

It's always great to hear from you! I remember a couple of ice storms in Raleigh while I was there, but nothing like what you describe. Love the story of McAdenville.

What are you up to these days? Ready for some RV adventures yet?


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