December 21, 2011

My Tucson adventure continued with a very pleasant Thanksgiving at the home of new friends Sharon and George who live in Oro Valley, just north of Tucson. I took Mehitabel up to Catalina State Park for the night as it was closer. The next day I was back at Casino del Sol.

On November 27, as I worked on my computer I became aware of a constant rumbling noise and finally took a break to look out the window. This is what I saw…

Biker Rally at Casino del SolRenegade Classics Run for Toys at Casino del Sol

Renegade Classics, a local biker outlet, along with the Salvation Army were sponsoring a Run for Toys and the parking lot at Casino del Sol was filled with approximately 1000 motorcycles, several of them with special decorations for this Tucson adventure. There were lots and lots of toys as every biker brought something – all for underprivileged children in Tucson. It was a pretty amazing sight.

Renegade Classics Run for Toys

When I saw the oncologist on the November 29th, he told me I will not have to have chemo. He called my cancer a “favorable” tumor; I took that to mean it will not have a tendency to run rampant throughout my body.

I have always been fascinated by doors; are they keeping something out or something in? What will you see if you open it? This part of the country has some very mysterious and/or imposing doors and gateways; they seem especially significant at this point in my life.

I haven't tried these smoked salmon strips, but they look absolutely delicious!

De Grazia Gallery - TucsonDe Grazia Gallery - Tucson

I wake up in the wee small hours most nights and my mind starts racing about things to move, where to put them, putting the RV in storage, the upcoming surgery - on and on for a couple of hours until I can turn on NPR at 5:00am. Other voices help me let go of my own and I doze off again.

I moved out of the RV and into the apartment the weekend of December 3 and 4. This turned out to be not a moment too soon; it was getting colder and the RV furnace was not working very well at all. That was making this particular Tucson adventure a bit uncomfortable, and I didn’t have time to spend another day at La Mesa RV getting it worked on. Sharon & George came over with a futon sofa they are loaning me and we crawled around on the floor for quite awhile before we successfully figured out how to put it together.

AllStays Pro Camping Information

Entrance to El Cortijo Galleries - TucsonEntrance to El Cortijo Galleries - Tucson

On Monday, I drove back to Mehitabel, hooked up the car, drove to the storage facility where I unhooked the car, then took the RV to the Triple T Truck Stop to empty the holding tanks, freshwater tank and hot water tank. Back at the storage facility, I poured antifreeze down the toilet and sinks, covered the tires and left her to have a quiet Tucson adventure at her winter home. The rest of the week prior to surgery I visited used furniture stores to pick up a few items that would make the apartment more habitable.

Tucson Residence GateGateway at a Residence - Tucson

Full Speed Ahead on this Tucson Adventure

The plan was that on Sunday, 12/11, Bijou and I would go to Gail’s house for the next few days. But Bijou had other ideas and let me know, in a way that involved yowls of indignation and a fair amount of my blood, that she was not going anywhere. So be it. We spent Sunday night at the apartment, and on Monday morning Gail picked me up and took me to the hospital.

Door at the Presidio

I spent one night in the hospital, two nights with Gail, then came back to the apartment. Bijou seemed to have survived my absence with no ill effects. I went out each day for a bit – groceries, library, hair salon for wash & trim – but didn’t stay out long. I took naps off and on that first week and am just starting to feel somewhat normal again. I had anticipated more difficulty with the recovery phase of this not-so-wonderful Tucson adventure, so I’m happily surprised at how smoothly things are going. And I’m getting used to my new look.

It’s been rainy and chillier than normal off and on here in Tucson – there’s snow on the Santa Catalina and Rincon Mountains.

I have signed up for two art workshops; the first starts on January 21. It feels sort of strange not to have a job taking up a good portion of the week, so I’m looking forward to getting involved in the art, and maybe a hiking club so my Tucson adventure this winter doesn’t revolve just around a computer.

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