What was your best rv trip? What made it so memorable?

On the Cabot Trail - Cape Breton IslandOn the Cabot Trail

What has been your best rv trip ever and what made it the best? Was it the landscape? A special person you met? The experiences you had?

Tell us all about it and what made it so special. Include some photos, too, if you can - that makes it even better!

I'd have a hard time picking the best rv trip I've ever taken. Hmmm, let me think... Certainly one of the best was the trip to the Canadian Maritime Provinces - across New Brunswick and on out to Prince Edward Island, then over to Cape Breton Island, where we drove (in a car) the beautiful Cabot Trail, and then back to Maine via St. John.

It was a huge trip to plan and I had added about 500 miles to the route just to avoid putting Mehitabel on a ferry. On Cape Breton Island we were parked next to a lovely couple who were about to put their big new rig on a ferry all the way to Newfoundland - they were far braver than I. We caught the end of one hurricane at the start and the beginning of another toward the end, so it was chilly, windy and wet most of the time. But I loved every minute of it and wish we had spent more time. That's a wild and beautiful part of this continent and it's one of those special, once-in-a-lifetime memories I'll never forget.

Remembering the Best RV Trips

It seems to me that traveling this country in some sort of recreational vehicle is a surefire way to build some pretty wonderful times to recollect when we're all finally sitting in a rocker on a porch somewhere thinking back over our lives. Make sure you take plenty of photographs. I never went anywhere without my Panasonic in my pocket.

But tell us about your special memories, and please include photos - what trips really stick in your mind, and what made them so memorable. I'm looking forward to reading your story and I know others will enjoy it, too!

Thank you in advance for sharing - we will all benefit from your stories.

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Prince Edward Island National ParkPrince Edward Island Nat'l Park

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