Your rv adventure in Flagstaff

by Jj Johnson
(South Bend, IN)

The truck and motorcycle Nov. 5 at Flagstaff.

The truck and motorcycle Nov. 5 at Flagstaff.

I know that you are having a marvelous time. Surely wish Judy and I were accompanying you. but your great writing and pictures allow us to enjoy the trip with you. We're wintering in Indiana to help with our newly arrived grandson, but we'll be back on the road in the spring, headed to the Badlands of South Dakota. Maybe we'll meet again along the way.

I particularly enjoyed your comments about Flagstaff. We've been there twice for a few days and found an interesting community.

A few days ago, I had to fly from Indiana to Las Vegas to retrieve the camper, stored at Flagstaff. I had the opportunity to fly over where you spent much time this summer and it is magnificent from the air. I am anxious to see it from the ground now. Wow, such beauty I cannot imagine.

Keep the words flowing and the pictures snapping. And get that hole in the roof fixed soon. You'll get an unusual shower some morning.

Jj and Judy

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