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What has been your scariest rv moment in your travel adventures so far? What did you think was going to happen?

Did you get surprised by a grizzly or an elk in rut? Was there an earthquake? A tornado? A flood? A forest fire?

Build a story around that moment and share it with us, along with any photographs you may have of that trip.

My Scariest RV Moments

I've had a few scary moments of my own - most of them having to do with wind. Driving in a high wind (which you shouldn't do) can be pretty nerve-wracking. It seemed whatever route I chose to go to South Dakota, there was no escaping that wind. The West is noteworthy for its winds it seems, and there were times camped in New Mexico and other places that I thought for sure Mehitabel was going to go over. Fortunately, she didn't - I lived to tell the tale, and most of the scariest rv adventures I've had were in my nightmares.

But I'm looking forward to reading your story. I know others will enjoy it, too!

Thank you in advance for sharing.

What Was Your Scariest Moment? Let Us Know Here!

Have you had some scary moments on your RV travels? Tell us about them here: what were you doing and what happened?

Abiquiu Lake and PedernalAbiquiu Lake and Cerro Pedernal in the Jemez Mountains

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