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Read the stories others have shared about their rv experiences, then tell us about your worst rv trip ever.

This is your chance to tell us about that really bad trip. What happened on that journey to make it stand out as the most awful? Fortunately, although I've had plenty of upsetting experiences in my rv, the absolute worst trips happened only in my nightmares.

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What happened on your worst trip? An accident? A breakdown? Awful weather? Illness?

Please tell us about that trip - if you have any photos of the trip and the things that went wrong, that's even better - so upload them as well.

I've heard some stories during my travels: folks who had tire blow out on their fifth wheel while on the highway - it caused so much damage they had to leave it in the repair shop and stay at a motel for a week;  a flooded rv park and folks pulling out in such a hurry they didn't think to unhook anything. Ouch! That certainly did some damage - maybe they didn't want to get their feet wet; A fellow volunteer had to leave the park where she was working in a great hurry because of a forest fire coming too close.

Hopefully, you haven't had many, or even any, horrible rv experiences, but if you have, please share your story with us.

I'm looking forward to reading your story and I know others will enjoy it, too!

Thank you in advance for sharing. 

Do You Have an Awful RV Travel Experience to Share?
If you do, tell us about it!

What's the worst, most awful RV travel experience you've had?

Your Worst RV Travel Stories

Click on the links below to read some about some of the worst rv travel experiences. They were all written by other visitors to this page.

Never Work Alone 
Our worst RV adventure did not occur on the road, but before we had the opportunity to take our "new" (pre-owned) RV on our first journey. My husband, …

Losing an RV Awning 
Maybe not the WORST story, but certainly a "cautionary tale." Several years ago, driving our rv on a very windy day, we took one of our customary precautions: …

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