Do you dream of rv adventures?
Are you feeling the lure of the open road?

So, what is rv adventures all about? And, what the heck is an RV anyway? RV means “recreational vehicle.” That would be a trailer, a camper, a fifth wheel, or a motorhome. And to me, RV also stands for freedom.

“Gosh, what a wonderful thing to do; I wish I could do that,” is a comment I often hear as I travel this country. So I think many of us have that sort of secret desire for adventures of some kind in our life. We get tired of the day-to-day humdrum of the job, the chores – even if we love much of our life, it seems as though we’re caught up in doing, doing, doing. What happened to the excitement we dreamed of?

Sierra Trading Post

In other parts of the world RVing is called motorhoming, or campervanning. But, whatever you want to call it, it's a wonderful way to explore your world.

High Falls on the Pigeon River – MN/Canada Border

I was living in North Carolina, working about 60 hours a week as a realtor, when I started thinking about retirement. Most of my adult life was spent on the East Coast, but as a kid I spent wonderful summers on my great-aunt’s ranch at the foot of the Grand Tetons. So whenever I dreamed of a different sort of life, it was out there in the West or Southwest somewhere. I am happy anyplace I can see a whole lot of sky and sagebrush… and maybe a mountain or two.

Rockhound State Park – Deming, NM

Make an RV Adventures Bucket List  

Are you starting to feel the pull of the open road and dreaming of the new life that could be waiting out there for you? Does the idea of watching the sun come up each morning in a different location appeal to you?

Have you wondered what part-time or even full time rv adventures might be like? Do you enjoy meeting challenges and learning new things?

Camping World

Do you have a bucket list that includes seeing all of the national parks, or visiting all 50 states? Do you love lighthouses? Homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? Do you want to fish the great rivers? Well, an RV lifestyle can help you check off items on that list.

Are you thinking of retirement and wondering if there were a way to do it with very little money? Plenty of people have figured out how to make an rv retirement work for them.

I did. I started wondering and dreaming, then researching possibilities in 2004. If you’re interested, you can read about that rather anxious initial stage of my questioning at Searching for an Exit.

If you’re beginning to think about a life of RV adventuring, this website is definitely a good place to start. You’ve got your work cut out for you!

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Sunset at Gila Bend, AZ

Getting started on your rv adventures can be pretty overwhelming. Just take it step by step and you'll be fine.

Once you know what kind of RVer you will be - weekend warrior, longer trips, snowbird, or full time RVer - check on the different types of recreational vehicles/motorhomes to find the one that will fit your needs (and budget) best.

Be warned! In the past couple of years, motorhomes and trailers are coming out with great new ideas to give them a more residential feel and make your rv lifestyle more enjoyable. How about an outdoor kitchen that's completely hidden until you open it up? Or an outdoor entertainment center? A second bedroom?

Once you've decided... start researching that type. Talk to dealers and owners, read books. I'll be here to help you along the way. Don't despair! If I could do it, you can - your rv adventures are waiting!

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RV Being TowedNot a Good Start
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End of the StormRainbow in Rapid City
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